Dear friends of music!

Why Ost-West Musikfest? "Pravda" - "Truth" and "Mir" - "Peace" were the lies that accompanied us in 1980's when we studied in Moscow. Many students had to go to Afghanistan and Chechnya and never came back. Artists, often of Jewish origin, were prevented by the "Fraternal Soviet Union". No one could express opinions without fear. 60/63 years after the brutal suppression of the uprisings in Hungary and Eastern Germany, wars against apostates and other believers are still being held, journalists are imprisoned, murdered. Tax payments from the citizens finance cowardly bombs on hospitals and defenseless civilians. Totalitarian states are capable of being forced, even though thousands of people are murdered: China 1989, Panama-USA 1989, Chechnya, Ukraine ...

Our music festival stands for the self-determination right of all peoples. We musicians love other cultures equally, because diversity and national characteristics are inspiration for artistic development. Making music together should be the medium for peace and freedom!

Gernot Winischhofer
Artistic Direction & Management

In memoriam Saulius Sondeckis

(* 11. October 1928 - † 3. February 2016)

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In memoriam Saulius Sondeckis

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